Final Reflection

Here is my final reflection of CORE 2096 course I took with Dr. Maha Bali. Generally, the course was a very good experience for me. I have gained a variety of knowledge on multiple topics throughout the course, a new perspective on teaching and how professors should deal with their students, and new skills on many digital technologies. I will discuss all of these benefits more below.

1- What interesting stuff I have made throughout the course?

1- The Game: This project was the highlight of my semester. It brought out my creative side. In the middle of the hectic weeks this semester, I was most invested in doing such a project as I was driven by a huge amount of passion to deliver this outcome. Because I believe in the cause and its importance and how it is neglected in the middle east, I put a huge effort in creating such a project. Besides, doing this project taught me a lot! First, I have learned how to effectively use a go pro camera and how to deal with the go pro mobile application (an application that allows me to control the camera from a distant). Second I have known the difference between the way to edit videos taken by go pro cameras and that of normal videos. Third, how to deal with H5 website and how to utilize its features to the maximum. All these efforts spent along with my passion for photographing, video editing, and spreading awareness about schizophrenia are driving me crazy to show this project to as many people as I can even until now. It is something that will make me always remember this course.

2- My ALTCV: I really like the ALTCV assignment. It was a very good fit to be included in the first weeks of the course. Because it is something that is really cool, it made me know how interesting this course will be and made me curious to know what other assignments we will have coming. I love creating the ALTCV poster that has everything that I am actually proud of or want the people to know about me and about my personality. I still remember how I enjoyed going through the other blogs to check the other ALTCVs and getting to know my friends a little more than what I know from the classroom. For me, I would want my friends and other people getting to know me to see my ALTCV so that they can know me better and to understand what I actually care about and love.

3- Data Detox Kit: This little assignment was a lot of fun for me and for the other members of the group. As we first decided to create the video a little funny and I will be the responsibility of collecting them, I never expected the vides to be that hilarious. After I enjoyed creating the funny short views explaining my part, I spent some good time voice recording the intro of the whole video and editing the audio file along with editing the videos and combining them into one video.

4- My Blog! Honestly, I wasn’t going to include this point in the original reflection. However, as I was checking my past assignments on my blog on WordPress, I have noticed how much I have wrote or created throughout this course and the amount of thinking that I have put in every and each blog post. I don’t really like writing in real life, but looking at my current blog, I never have thought that I would be able to write the much with such a big amount of effort spent on each blog post I wrote. My blog, now, is something that I am honestly proud of and something that I would excitingly tell others to check out. I consider it now as my CORE 2096 final portfolio that includes everything I made for or during this course and that is an amazing thing to achieve by the end of any course.

2- What kind of person should take this course?

  • Interested in online/offline digital literacies.
  • Open-minded and interested in advocating for other’s rights.
  • Knowledgable about technology tools and open to share his/her knowledge in them.

3- Recommendations for the class?

I have created a simple presentation to express my point of views on this topics as clearly and modestly as possible. Link in the Google icon below.

4 – What did I think of the opportunities given to me in the class? (POSTER)

Mind Map created for this question

There is no other course that gives such freedom to students and it is amazing how we were allowed to choose the topics that we actually want to study; this made me more interested in the topics and more involved in the conversations done in the classroom. I think the idea of giving the students the choice of material studied is the smartest approach for any instructor could take in order to make their students as involved as he or she can. I can still remember the lecture where instead of covering the prepared material, we kept talking about the engineering student who committee suicide. This change of material in the lecture was to meet the student’s interest. I was honestly amazed that Dr. Maha took such a decision in just a night before the class. On the other hand, such approach can result in enforcing the opinion of the majority on the minority. That one person may be not interested in the topic chosen and therefore resulting in him losing interest, but personally, I would rather study everyone else’s desired topic instead of following a rigid syllabubs that may or may not be interesting to most of us as student. I would think of it this way; one time I will have to study uninteresting topic for me because of everyone else’s desire and the following time another person would have to study uninteresting topic for him because of my and everyone else’s desire so that it is kind of fair.

5 – What I have learned in this course?

For the final question, I thought a video will be enough to cover all what I wanted to say about this topic. I have lost track of time while talking and it lasted for 10 minutes. I am sorry it is a long video.

4 thoughts on “Final Reflection

  1. wow, what a beautiful, deep reflection ya Youssef,and you put so much effort into making it multimodal and I loved all your suggestions in the slides as well! Not offended at all. Watching the video now

    Liked by 1 person

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